Did Russian Found The Anunnaki In Antarctica

According to several expeditions made by the Russian, Nazi’s and later America it turns out they’ve discovered Anunnaki in Antarctica as their household.

There is a lot of things we do not know about our great southern and forgotten continent. Merely like we don’t know whats in 95% of our oceans. Yet we are so sure there is or isn’t a divinity? Believe about it.

This video was posted on You Tube March 17, 2014.
It discusses the Ahnenerbe Society: the most mysterious Organization of the Third Reich and their involvement in developing what we call UFOs.

In 1929 a map came to the attention of the Russians that mirrored the coastline of the Antarctic. Thing is, this map showed the region before it was covered in ice, 300 years before it’s discovery!

This became an obsession with Hitler and Himmler, so they put together a team to search this area. They observed a cave for the purposes of the ice with warm water that could easily hide large crafts.

Moving along … when the U.S. found out about this, they sent their ships to investigate the region too. When they get close, a large disc-shaped craft came up from the water and passed by them so fast it bent one of the antennae on the vessel, and was run in the blink of an eye.

It sent down a ray and blew up the vessel after that, so fishing fleets turned around.

Hitler was sure the Antarctic was where the lost continent of Atlantis once was. He already had possession of the ‘Holy Spear’, and the legend was that if he could get the ‘Holy Cup’, he could have world power. He was sure he would find the cup there. A team was used in order to search for it.

Skipping forward …

Together, Hitler, Himmler, and the Ahnenerbe formed an elite group of scientists to study the paranormal to build contact with unknown beings.

They didn’t realize this had already been done in 1919 by secret ‘Thule Society’ members.

They observed some documents that told how to build a flying disc that would take them into space use unconventional means. They finally built it, but it needed a special engine.

This is when they brought in Victor Schauberger. He built it 5 years later.

There is an authentic picture of this craft towards the end of the video. They also claim they built 17 more, and a large oblong one to house the 17.

Sorry for jumping around on the topic. I’m going on memory.

Watch the video. I think you’ll find it interesting! It’s in Russian, but still worth the watch! There is a caption to read along.

Is this what we see in our skies today?

Do you believe that they really found the Anunnaki in Antarctica. It seems very fascinating following these discoveries for sure.

Original source: Simple Capacity

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