The LES1 Satellite Started Emitting Signals Back After 50 Years In Silence

After 50 years of silence, the LES1 Satellite, mysteriously rebooted itself and started sending signals back to Earth.

Astronomers thought that  the out of control LES1 Satellite was lost in space, only to receive a mysterious signal recently.

The satellite, which was lost in space since 1967 has mysteriously started transmitting again for the FIRST time in fifty years.

According to reports, amateur stargazers thought they found the lost satellite in 2013, but it took them nearly three years to confirm that the rogue satellite really started working again.

However, everyone seems shocked as the astronomic community and scientists in general have been left surprised as to how this ‘old’ satellite has come back to life, sending out radio signals.

The satellite was built by MIT in 1965, as it was Phil Williams, an amateur stargazer from Cornwall the first to catch the signal sent out by the ‘long-lost’ satellite.

The amateur astronomer ‘came across a ‘ghostly sound’ (check video bellow) within the satellite signal, which has led many to suspect that the lost satellite had been ‘hijacked’ by advanced aliens civilizations trying to communicate with our planet.

However, Williams believes that a component failure caused the lost satellite’s transmitter to start again on 237MHz, even though the satellite can only work when it receives enough power from its on-board solar panels.

It turns out that the signal fluctuates because the satellite rotates on itself nearly every four seconds, and loses power as its solar panels are shadowed by the satellite’s remaining structure.

The satellite was a failure and never reached its intended mission orbit in 1967. Ever since it has been spinning out of control.

LES1 was launched on February 11, 1965, from Cape Canaveral. Scientists believe that a failure in the satellites circuitry caused a failure in its remaining components causing the satellite to cease transmitting in 1967.

However, reports indicate that this isn’t the first time a satellite was lost in space, only to reappear later.

In fact, in 1998, NASA’s Solar and Heliospheric Observatory lost contact with our planet for nearly two years, only to allegedly get brought back again by them.

While many still believe that aliens hijacked this satellite in order to get a hold of a direct line to Earth, the more likely explanation is that the on-board batteries of the LES1 satellite disintegrated and ‘something else’ cause its 237MHZ transmission to resume as its solar panels received enough sunlight.

Video showing the signal coming from LES1


Similar event like this one happened recently when one of the NASA’s satellite became mysteriously ‘corrupted’ and started sending messages in unknown ‘Alien’ language. You can check this story here on the following link: Voyager 2 Got “Hacked”?! Now Started Sending Messages in an Unknown Language

What do you think about these strange happenings circling around the satellites? Is someone “playing” with us? Share you thoughts in the comments bellow.

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