This Mysterious Object Under The Baltic Sea Gives Scientists Huge Headaches In The Last 5 Years

The Baltic Sea Anomaly is the name given to an unusual mysterious object that lies on the bottom of the Baltic Sea. The object is a 200-foot circular rock-like formation.

It was discovered in the summer of 2011 by the Ocean X diving team searching for an old shipwreck.

According to the Swedish divers, the structure rests on a pillar and bears resemblance to a staircase which leads into a dark hole.

Measuring 61m wide and eight meters tall, the circular-shaped find was suspected of being everything from a giant mushroom, to sunken Russian ship to an alien spaceship.

Mysterious object under the Baltic Sea - 3D image

The anomaly as a 3D multi beam sonar image. South is towards the top of the image. The Green colored areas are areas of higher elevation and in terms of scale, areas of less than 8 meters will not be accurately defined.

And the mystery deepened, as geologist Steve Weiner revealed from his tests that it was not a geological formation – revealing that the structure was created from “metals which nature could not reproduce itself”.

Volker Bruchert, an associate professor of geology at Stockholm University, revealed: “My hypothesis is that this mysterious object, this structure was formed during the Ice Age many thousands of years ago,” reports Life’s Little

Map location of the mysterious object under the Baltic Sea

An approximate location of the Baltic Sea Anomaly

It seems that nobody wants to fund research into the Baltic Sea discovery.

The question remains: what really is this mysterious object that lies beneath the sea?

Source: Niume

Similar mysterious object like this one was also recently discovered lying under the Bermuda Triangle. The two giant crystal pyramids were sitting on the sea floor since ancient times. Reed more on the following link: Two Giant Crystal Pyramids Found Underneath the Bermuda Triangle

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