Pineal Gland – The Portal To Higher Spiritual Dimensioins

The pineal gland is one of the most important glands for connecting us to other dimensions, such as the dream and spiritual plane. It is located in the middle of our brains and is shaped like a pine cone, which is why it is called the pineal gland.

Ancient civilizations and spiritual teachers have always associated the pineal gland as the third eye, inner eye or spiritual eye. They believed that the pineal gland is an all-seeing eye that can connect us to other dimensions.

The pineal gland is very important for our overall health, because it is the gland that produces melatonin. Melatonin is an antioxidant that helps keep free-radicals in check. Some researchers believed that melatonin may help improve immunity, increase longevity and reduce the risk of certain brain injury.

One of the most important functions of melatonin is regulating sleep patterns. According to researchers, the absence of light is what activates the pineal gland to secrete melatonin.

Once melatonin is secreted, it goes into the cerebrospinal fluid, then travels throughout the body and activates the body’s sleeping mechanisms.

Researchers have recently found another important chemical that may be produced by the pineal gland. This chemical is known as dimethyltryptamine (DMT).

DMT is a naturally occurring hallucinogenic chemical compound that can create hallucinatory effects similar to LSD. DMT levels in schizophrenia are usually higher than people without schizophrenia.

Because the pineal gland produces melatonin and may play a role in producing DMT, people with schizophrenia or sleeping problems may have an overactive or defected pineal gland.

Fluoride negative effects on the pineal gland

There are many substances that can interfere with the functions of the pineal gland. One of the worst substances is sodium fluoride (fluoride). Fluoride is very toxic to the pineal gland because it can calcify it. This hardening of the pineal gland prevents it from functioning properly.

The fluoride used for treating drinking water is not the natural calcium fluoride found in nature; rather, it is the synthetic industrial version, which is known as sodium fluoride.

The natural version of fluoride (calcium fluoride) is not that harmful to us. It is usually found in the soil and spring water in very small quantities.

The synthetic version of fluoride (sodium fluoride) is a hazardous waste containing very toxic chemicals. Fluoride was used as a rat poison before it was introduced into commercial products and water systems.

When it comes to health, treating drinking water with fluoride makes no sense at all. There are far more effective and healthier ways to treat drinking water without the use of fluoride.

If you are worried about the negative effects of fluoride, I suggest using fluoride-free toothpaste and installing a high quality water filter system that can effectively remove fluoride.

I do not recommend buying cheap water filters from your local retail stores. These filters do a poor job removing certain water contaminants, especially sodium fluoride.

Bottled water and filtered water from your local stores are also not as purify as they should be, unless they are purified with activated alumina filters or reverse osmosis technology.

The problem with bottled water is that chlorine is usually added to it after it is purified. In addition, the chemical called phthalates found in plastic containers can leak into the water. High doses of phthalates have been known to disrupt hormones in rodents, causing damages to certain organs and birth defects.

Alcohol and certain drugs such as LSD can also interfere with the functions of our pineal gland. Having a healthy pineal gland is very beneficial for our health. It also makes it easier for us to connect to our soul, higher-self and other dimensions.

Some people believe that one of the main hidden agendas for adding fluoride to our drinking water is to destroy our connection to our soul/spirit. The reason for this is because when we are more spiritually awake, we are harder to control.

People who are more spiritually awake have stronger intuitions than the average person; therefore, it is easier for them to see through the lies of the controller.

The pineal gland would be a great gland to study for building machines that can time travel or connect us to other dimensions. I’m sure there are many scientists who are studying this gland for these purposes. It would not surprise me if there are secret government agencies that have already created these type of machines.

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