The Alien Mega Structure Has Started Sending Strange Signals. Again!

Just when things had started to go all quiet again, the Alien mega structure star, which has been puzzling astronomers and the public alike since it was first discovered back in 2011, is once again emitting mysterious light patterns leaving science geeks in a tizzy.

– this could be the discovery of something HUGE, and something which the Elite cannot deny!

The planets top Astronomers have been pondering what makes the star, with the catchy name of KIC 8462852, dim and flicker so drastically for years.

Thankfully it started doing so again in the last week or so, with astronomers being able to view the phenomenon in real time, just when things had started to quiet – and as per norm, NASA stating that it was “probably just some meteors”.

KIC 8462852, also known as ‘Tabby’s Star,’ lurks at the far reaches of our Milky Way galaxy, around 1,300 light years away in the constellation Cygnus.

As you can see from the below ‘Tweets’ from the Astronomers and researchers involved, they were all rather excited about this new fantastic find.

And by the founder herself, Tabetha Boyajian – Hence ‘Tabby’s Star’

Though first discovered by the Kepler Space Telescope in 2009, it first caught people’s imagination in 2011 when a group of “citizen scientists” – volunteers helping the real deal scientists find exoplanets – noticed the strange light patterns coming from Tabby’s Star.

During one observation, the light emitted dimmed by over 20 percent, meaning that something must be passing in front of it.

Exactly what that ‘something’ is remains a complete mystery, with many skeptics suggesting comets, or vast gas clouds being mooted, while others still believe it could be aliens and to be fair this could very well be the most likely outcome!

One TRUE believer is Penn State University astronomer Jason Wright who, along with Tabetha Boyajian, after whom the star is named, is among the scientists trying to solve this mysterious and unknown enigma!

Wright and many others believe that the irregular light patterns could suggest a host of alien mega structures orbiting the star.

What their purpose is, if they do indeed exist, is also a mystery but the most obvious explanation would be that a super-advanced alien civilization has built technology to harness energy from it.

Yes, this may appear hard to believe, however the human race STILL primarily depends on fossil fuels for energy, which makes it understandable why many people will struggle to comprehend this theory.

One such mega structure, for example, is the ‘Dyson Sphere’ a theoretical construct which engulfs and draws energy from a star. First hypothesized in 1937 by science fiction writer Olaf Stapledon, it was popularized in 1960 by theoretical physicist and mathematician Freeman Dyson.

Dyson Sphere - The Alien Mega Structure

Again, though this may all sound a bit fantastical, it can’t be proven otherwise and the answer still eludes scientists. As they say, “the truth is out there.” And hopefully soon to be OFFICIALLY discovered.


2017 yet again appears to be an important year of discovery, what with UFO sightings (not the fake ones) on this rise and now this important piece of news coming from some of the worlds leading Astronomers.

Well respected Top Theoretical Physicist Michio Kaku believes that the recent announcement about a potential Alien Super structure being found next to a star “1,500 light years away” could actually be “the biggest story in the past five-hundred years!” He also believes that has to be proof of an advanced Alien civilization!

With all of these important people in the know publicly stating that this could very well be evidence of the alien mega structure in space, it is impossible to ignore.

It is incredibly important to remember that in the greater scheme of things we know VERY little about space and what lies beyond, in fact in the Kardashev scale (please see below) we are in fact a type ZERO civilization in the greater scheme of things – just imagine what a type EIGHT civilization could be capable of!

The elite will be scared of this find and will be watching it closely, as they know very well that we are not alone in the universe, but the evidence is building and they are now struggling to contain the TRUTH!


Kardashev Scale The Alien Mega Structure

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