British ET Expert Unveils His Most Baffling X-files About Alien Encounters

From tall men in silver suits standing by an UFO shaped object in a field to the girl who woke up with bizarre markings on her belly, here are British ET expert Phillip Mantle’s best five key X-files

Whether you’re a believer or not, this is bound to make you shudder.


A top British ET Expert says he has proof aliens are real – and he has now revealed details of some pretty chilling close encounters.

Philip Mantle, a world renowned expert, has probed hundreds of situations over time, but these are his top five secret X-files…

Even if you’re a skeptic, you’ll have to admit that some of these do seem to be a little bizarre – and downright terrifying.

Random flying objects caught whizzing through the air on THREE different radars in 1971

Wing Commander Alan Turner - Philip Mantle British ET Expert

Wing Commander Alan Turner was still left stunned by the mysterious objects whirring on the radars

Wing Commander Alan Turner was duty military supervisor at RAF Sopley in 1971 when he noticed something amiss in the sky.
He described seeing objects climbing at supersonic speeds from 3,000ft to 60,000ft beyond the capabilities of any aircraft at the time.

“At about 40 mls from the point they appeared on radar they disappeared to be followed almost immediately by a replacement at the idea of

“I put the FPS 6 Height Finder onto some results to discover that they were about 3,000 foot when they came into radar cover and climbing extremely rapidly so that, by enough time they disappeared from radar, they were in excess of 60,000 feet.

“To climb to such a height in only forty mls was beyond the ability of any fighter aircraft at the time.” But he and his colleague were not the only ones to notice the spooky UFOs whirring through the air.

He called Heathrow Radar to learn that they, too, were seeing a similar picture – as were the Fighter Control Functions Rooms at RAF Neatishead. They were all using different frequencies and the weather forecast in the region was calm and sunny. So what could it have been?

“I am at a loss to describe what I, and many other people, saw. In those times aircraft could not climb at such a rate. To be seen on displays by three different surface radars, plus the airborne radar in the Canberra, is also a mystery.”

Dad and son capture rare photographs of an UFO in their back garden in Melbourne, Australia, in 1995

Dad and son capture rare photograph of an UFO - Philip Mantle British ET Expert

Experts said the images taken by Mr Keane and his son weren’t doctored


Dad and son capture rare photographs of an UFO_02 - Philip Mantle British ET Expert

The bizarre encounter is within Mr Mantle’s top five secret X-Files


The pictures, taken by Roy and Ralph Keen in Kilsyth on September 19, 1995, have been studied are, in fact, genuine.

Mr Keane said at the time: “Each time the ‘object’ was photographed, it appeared to be moving on a trajectory to our right even as we looked up at it.

“Almost immediately after each picture was taken, the flying object seemed to momentarily ‘hover’, then ‘dip’ and move to the still left very suddenly. Each time this occurred, both my son and I rushed around the side of our house in an attempt to see where the object had moved to.”

“Every time, on appearance at the front of the house, there was no indication of the object anywhere to be seen in the sky.”

The pictures were analysed by photographic expert Winston Keech whose report said: “Using extreme gamma adjustments and edge detection algorithms – no supporting wires or other linear edge features were found.

“So the object is not suspended by wire – as the cloud contrast is good, this would have been found. This does seem to be a solid reflective object that is unsupported in mid air. Due to the high shutter speeds used, this could be moving at reasonable speed without any discernible image blurring.”

The longest known sightings of an UFO in Darwen, Lancashire, in 1985 November

Philip Mantle British ET Expert_04

Mrs Howard drew this detailed drawing of her encounter


Mrs Josephine Howard, from Darwen in Lancashire, was just “happened to look up” as she was walking to her car one day and spotted two, round
red lights in the sky.

Mr Mantle said: “They were about the size of car headlights. Her curiosity aroused and Mrs Howard s topped to take a better look. There were no beams coming from the lights as they came overheard there was no noise.”

It was one of the many sightings in the mid-1980s that spanned the borders of both Yorkshire and Lancashire.

Mr Mantle added: “The witness estimated that she had the object in sight for about eight minutes in total which is a long time for UFO sightings. “It had been a ‘diamond’ shape with two lamps at the front and it was totally noiseless at all times. She estimated that to her it was 200-300 ft above her.

Mrs Howard described the scene at the time saying: “I could not see the lighting as it moved overhead but I possibly could start to see the underneath of the thing. “This object was very large and seemed to be very heavylooking. I kept wondering how something so big and heavy looking could move so slowly and not make a noise.

“I kept watching and took in as much fine detail as I could. The object was huge and its underneath had what looked like round-headed studs. “The object moved overhead and I held viewing it until it was almost out of sight at which point it seemed to tilt upwards and take off at a great swiftness and was gone.”

The woman who woke up with strange markings on her stomach after encountering “bizarre” woman in Hungary in 1992

Philip Mantle British ET Expert_06

The bizarre marking on the woman’s stomach appeared days after she saw a mysterious woman in her house


The strangest case he ever encountered which doctors were unable to describe happened in remains in Hungary on January 24, 1992.

The situation involved a 50 year old woman from Mezobbereny in Hungary.

Philip Mantle British ET Expert_07

An artists impression of the Normanton landings

She was at home with her husband when a dull, black egg-shaped object around 120 cm in height shot across the kitchen, making a ‘rippling’ movement during which a strong ‘snorting’ sound was heard. The upper part of the object became a blue-grey color with a vibrating orange vertical stripe. Next to this stripe stood a ‘wonderful looking girl’ who looked directly at the witness.

The witness felt well, but she was unable to talk. She implemented this being into another room but when she entered, the woman had gone. She informed her husband what had happened but he did not believe her. The weekend passed without any further events but on Monday she felt very tired and went to bed at 6.30 pm. Her spouse was in the same room with her watching TV.

Out of nowhere she heard a girl’s voice which asked her to lift up her arm. She elevated her arm and experienced a severe pain in her elbow joint. Next the woman got up and went outside to the garden still in her nightdress and with nothing on her feet. In her garden stood a cabin-like object.

Explaining what happened, Mr Mantle said: “The witness entered the object but didn’t see anyone else in there but she did feel a presence as if someone was there but could not be seen.

“When she came around she found herself back in bed, fully clothed but with a clear pain in her abdominal. On Thursday and Friday a number of large red marks appeared on top of the part of her tummy and the lower section of her breasts.

“These marks were not painful and they did not itch either. The marks weren’t delicate to either hot or cool water. “These ‘close encounters’ were the first in a series events that went on over the next few week.” Neither the lady involved nor her doctor could find a conventional cause for the strange marks on her body.

Family experienced spacecraft land in a nearby field as men in metallic suits started observing the area in Normanton, West Yorkshire, in 1979

Mr Mantle says this case has stayed with him ever since he first investigated it with colleague Mark Birdsall of the Yorkshire UFO Society.

A woman, Mrs Westerman, said she was at home doing the washing one sun-drenched afternoon as he children were outside performing a ballgame in the sun.

It was around mid-afternoon when her eight-year-old girl abruptly ran into the house shouting and crying, telling her mother to “come quick, and airplane just landed in the field”. The Waterman’s was near to the end of a cul-de-sac, and beyond that, fields which contained electricity pylons.

“Mrs Westerman ran outdoors and a few hundred yards away, in the fields adjacent to her house, she found an object on the ground. It had been a dull greyish colour and got the appearance of the ‘Mexican hat’.

“Around the object stood three very tall ‘men’ all of who, appeared to be dressed in metallic suits. These men seemed to be pointing to a dark instrument on the ground. The children and Mrs Westerman made their way on the field towards this object and stopped at a fence.

“The men walked to the rear of the object and it rose vertically, stopped in mid-air, and then shot off at an angle at a high rate of rate. “Needless to say they were speechless. All six of Mrs Westerman’s children related similar accounts to us.

“There were very minor discrepancies but only as you would have expected to find from different people. Every one of the children were of the view that the dark object the men acquired in their hands, of which they shifted about, looked like a torch but it had no light and was totally silent.”

The ‘uniforms’ the men wore, were metallic and would crease when the men moved. All of the witnesses mentioned quite that both after landing and departure clearly, this object never made a sound.

Mr Mantle, the previous chief director of investigations of the Uk UFO Research Association and UK consultant of MUFON – the world’s biggest UFO company, in September is due to discuss his research for the final time.

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